blue and brown bird on brown tree branch
blue and brown bird on brown tree branch
black and white bird on brown tree branch
black and white bird on brown tree branch

Wilderness Chronicles

This is a humble attempt of sharing with you my travelogues of more than two decades of discovering the rich wildlife diversity of India & its flora and fauna. And if possible take you along with me on my next expedition for a memorable experience of a lifetime !!

India has about four hundred species of mammals and 1300 species of birds. It is the only country to have the Asiatic Lion and is home to about 65% of the world’s tigers and 85 % of the world’s Asian one-horned rhino.

It is also home to five species of big cats, four species of wild cattle, eleven wild goats and sheep and fifteen primates. However, in the Indian jungles, one will not find many species in close proximity as often seen in Africa, though there are places where wildlife can be viewed in abundance.

Man started his journey from the jungle, domesticating his way through life, only to make the modern cities a concrete jungle. If you dare to dream to leave the city behind and go back to live in the jungles again, a trip through the wildlife journeys of India might be the closest you get to that dream.

India has more than five hundred National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries and more than half of them have adequate infrastructure for the tourist. For those willing to put up with a certain amount of physical discomfort the sky is the limit. Here’s taking a look at some of these famous national parks in India and how to access them and experience the jungle at your own pace in the way of wildlife safaris.

These exotic locations, not only flaunt the wildlife present within but also provide you a magnificent opportunity to capture them in form of photographs that can be preserved in memory for a lifetime.

However wildlife photography takes knowledge, patience, and lots of luck. While I can’t help you with the last two, but this is the right place to be if you’re looking to improve your photographic skills and technique.

In here, you’ll also find all the wildlife photography tips and tutorials including detailed articles on the technical and creative side of photographing animals in nature. I will guide you in getting out of auto & mastering your camera settings and post-processing for impactful but natural-looking results and much more.

I will also be discussing equipment for wildlife photography and recommendations to fit into your budget and still get those beautiful, crisp, razor sharp pictures that you mostly see being published by professional wildlife photographers. Will also have some gear reviews and comparisons from time to time.

So sit tight and immerse yourself in this unforgettable journey together with me for a memory of a life time !!